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Aside from the cheesy cartoon character on the wrapper...This is a knockout blade. Used 4 times with avg. of 3-4 passes with NO irritation and good edge retention. Not bad, not bad at all. [Image: 452f1dbccaad8778db235fef54ed93cc.jpg]

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The Goal Super Platinum mentioned is a fantastic blade. I bought 100 a few years back off Ebay in a lucky find. They are made in Shanghai, China. I also have some older Gillette Goal Stainless that were made In India (discontinued) that are great as well. I would rate the Goal SP as one of the best five Gillette blades currently made, however as they are not marketed in the West they are very, very difficult to obtain. Sad
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I try not to buy anything made in China, as difficult as that is. I also have difficulty buying anything made in Russia. That said, my two favorite blades are Voskhods and Gillette Silver Blues. Does that make me a hypocrite? Maybe. The key word is "try". If I can avoid buying Chinese made stuff, I do. And since they are hard to find anyway, I'm not going out of my way to find Gillette Goal blades. It's bad enough the innards of this stupid computer I'm using is mostly made in China. When I'm shopping, I look to see where it's made. If it says Made in China, I put it down and move on.

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