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I found a 1955 Gillette Blue tip for sale for $25 US and I was wondering if that's a good price or not?  Should I jump on it now before it's gone or hold off for a better price??

I need to know!
Are you trying to decide if $25 is a good price for the razor in terms of could you resell it for more later? Or just is that a good price for a razor that you want to own?
If it’s the former, probably not. To be honest $25 seems high anyways.
If it’s the latter, it’s hard to say. Hopefully it’s in good condition, and if it is and you know that’s a razor you want to have and use (or just store as part of your collection), go for it.

Also depends on if you’re buying it online to where you have to pay shipping, or if you can actually see and touch it in a shop and make sure it’s in good condition. Online photos and descriptions from places like eBay are notoriously deceptive.

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