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I recently added a Slim adjustable to my line up. I am using it almost daily in order to learn how to best use it for my face and with my stuff.  I had read quite a bit about the razor on various forums and blogs. What I found interesting, if not confusing, are the opinions that cover pretty much every possible way to use the razor. One opined that it is a gimmick razor. All said start with a low setting and work up to what is best for your situation.  Then came what I call the three options: lock it and leave it (lowest number of comments), go up the dial with each pass (most comments), and go down the dial with subsequent passes.

For myself, going up started to give minor razor burn. But I did find the highest setting that worked well for me without burn.  I found that the shaves done with reducing the setting number after the first pass gave me wonderfully close and comfortable shaves, even when starting on the number that gave burn if it was the sole setting or the setting I ended on.

I know that some here have shaved traditionally for years (versus my months of experience), and some gents were fortunate in that a family member taught them the tricks of a good shave. I am interested in hearing what folks here have learned or experienced with adjustable razors, both your techniques and what you know about the original users of these instruments. Did a gent in 1958 set his Fat Boy and leave it there for the whole shave? And along with that, did these gents do more than one pass typically, or was that just for special events?  I enjoy both changing the setting and multiple passes. It is part of starting my day and I enjoy it as much as the first cup of coffee!

I saw a first season Twilight Zone episode the other day, “The Four of Us Are Dying,” about a con man who can change his face to match someone else’s face. In one scene he does this while shaving, and I see him do the Gillette slide! But he looked to be going slow with long strokes, with what looked like a Super-Speed razor. Only one pass shown, as most period movies show just one pass for shaving.

I know some of this has been posted before, but for the sake of newcomers, I believe it would be worthwhile to hear some of this again.  Thanks for reading and I look forward to your comments!

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- Eric. What, am I done shaving already? Nuts, now I gotta wait again...

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For all of my Gillette's I typically set it at one number and use it for all three passes. I get great shaves and no irritation however your post makes me want to try this.

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When I have used adjustables, I also keep it at one specific setting for 3 passes + touch-ups.

Again, this will always be very subjective and you'll just have to determine what works best for you. Shy

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Oakland, ME
Today was one of those rarities (for me!), in that the razor worked smooth on the first pass, and with over 30 hours of stubble, gave minimal audible and tactile response, yet on the rinse, my face felt smooth. Second pass made me question my angle or if the blade was in, as no resistance, just smooth gliding along my face. I was using Shannon's Soaps Nil and a Personna Red on its fourth day. I ended up with what I am going call BBS! Two passes, not even trying. Man, now I am going to try and repeat that tomorrow and I'll probably be burned or bloodied, which is my typical ending to chasing a BBS!

I did change my setting by closing the gap, adjusting from higher setting to one digit lower. I am loving the Slim!

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- Eric. What, am I done shaving already? Nuts, now I gotta wait again...

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I have two adjustable Razors. One is a fat boy and the other is a progress I always begin at a lower number and proceed with each subsequent pass to The next highest number. When I feel enough aggressiveness, that is my starting point for my next shave. Personally, I like to feel the blade.
Let me add, that if I have a sensitive area, I might dial down a notch.

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Whatever works for you is what is right.  Having said that, though, I keep my Slim at one setting for all passes.  I originally found setting 4 worked for me with no irritation.  However, I found I wasn't quite getting the closeness I wanted so I moved the setting to 5 and that is where it has remained.

If switching the settings for various passes works for you then, by all means, continue doing that.  As you experiment, you will discover what works for you.  There really is no right or wrong to this. Happy2

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I love my adjustables. I will typically keep the setting really low (1 on progress and 2-3 on slim) until the final touch up/atg where I crank it up.
I think part of the experience is just finding what works for you. As much as shaving is YMMV, I think this adds even more depth to what it really means.

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I usually leave them on setting 6, but if I haven't shaved for a few days I crank them up to 9. I never change settings during the shave though for whatever reason.

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(06-24-2016, 09:43 PM)Freddy Wrote: If switching the settings for various passes works for you then, by all means, continue doing that.  As you experiment, you will discover what works for you.  There really is no right or wrong to this. Happy2


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I usually start with 5 then go to 3... I very rarely do three passes if I've got three or four days growth I will crank it up to 7 but I don't like feeling that much blade. Also the razor blade you choose makes a big difference it'll be a much different experience with the Derby compared to a feather and then you've got everything in between

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