I had two boxes of 7 o'clocks in my trial pack. The Super Stainless in the green box and the Perma Sharps in the yellow box. I'm on my last blade of the Super Stainless and have found them to be OUTSTANDING! They seem to be between Feather and Astra SP in both sharpness and smoothness. They seem to last as well. I have not tried to shave more than 5 shaves with them; but, the fifth shave was as close, smooth, and blade seemed as sharp as shave number two. Pretty impressive. Any others trying out blades, don't pass these up, they are certainly worth a serious look based on my experience.

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I agree. In my sample pack the blades that immediately impressed me and have consistently shaved well are the Greens and the Gillette Silver Blues. I have only been at this DE, brush, lather, shaving thing since mid-November, but I liked those two blades so much that I bought 3 more boxes each so that as I continue to try other blades I can compare them to the Greens and the Silver Blues. I don't have to rely on my memory (which my wife tells me is pretty shoddy already, ha ha!).
I think you mean the sharp edge in the yellow box right? Permasharps come in a green box also. I agree though and the green super stainless are my third favorite blade behind gillette silver blues and Polsilvers.

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I am currently working my way through a set of samples I made up based on various posts others have made comparing various blades to both the Gillette Silver Blue and the 7 O'clock super stainless (green box). I am just finishing the brand Perma-Sharp Super, which is in a gold box with a red strip on the bottom edge. All that to say that it seems many makers of blades like to use the same words in their products' names!
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I used these blades when I first started and have kind of forgot about them. I may have to pick some up off Try a Blade for nostalgia's sake
I fully agree. They're the ones I use for those weeks I need to shave daily. I find them quite smooth and forgiving, yet just a tad less sharp than their Sharp Edge (yellow) siblings.

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7:00 greens are my go to blades. They perform very well for me in all my razors from the ultra mild Merkur 33c to the aggressive Old Type...good performance across the board.

I also really like the 7:00 yellow, but ths greens are slightly less expensive, so I buy them.

Im also a very big fan of the Gillette Silver Blue. Pretty much any Gillette "Made in Russia" blade, in my opinion, is going to be a decent blade, as far as my experience goes....

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On another forum this blade rated #1 in a double blind shave test with many participants. I love this blade. Big Grin

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I'll have to check my DE blade stash to see if I have any of these 7 O'Clock greens for when I'm ready to use my ATT S2!
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I can't tell a whole lot of difference between the 7 o'clock ss and the lab blues, although the blues might be just a shade smoother. They are in my top 3 favorites for sure.

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