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Hello gents,

It’s nice to see Dam Fine Shave coming back! Thank you to those members and friends that sent us a message with suggestion / invitation to be here.

Our shop, Gifts&Care.com was born in 2009. We offer a wide range of shaving products and accessories from many mayor brands and artisan’s mainly base in Europe.

DFS forum members are welcome to use at their convenience the coupon discount DFS. This will give you 10% discount on your orders (this is applicable to most brands). I realised that coupon discount DFS was still working since some years back. Some of you may remember that we were part of DFS forum when 1st started some years back. Coupon discount has been never deactivated.

I would like to continue mentioning our last 2 additions in our shop this 2016:

1. Razor Master Shaving Soaps. http://www.giftsandcare.com/en/139_razor...ving-soaps

2. Fine Accoutrements Aftershave range. http://www.giftsandcare.com/en/138_fine-accoutrements

1. A range of 5 shaving soaps handmade in Finland. First finish shaving products we have ever offered at G&C.

They all 5 have finish names and the scents are absolutely fantastic; “Uula” coffee, “Juha” exotic & spicy, “Markku” for whisky lovers,“Pekka” fresh & aquatic and “Toivo” pine tar scents. Toivo is the most finish scent of the range. Founder has given the name of Toivo in his grandpa honour, who at an early age used to work at the Finish Region of Kainuu on pine tar. The scents reminds me those the scent of ash from wood in a cold winter.

These shaving soaps are not 100% hard soaps like British ones for instance but more similar to Italian soaps cream. If you press strongly with your fingers on these soaps you deform them.


[Image: ersvzx.jpg]

2. USA made Fine Accoutrements aftershave range are now available in our store and closer to European wet shavers.


[Image: EtIu32.jpg]

Thank you for taking the time to read this theart & all the best to the forum.


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Good to see you here! Thanks Juan!
welcome to DFS Juan,
Keep up the good work !!!!!!
raj k
Welcome Juanjo ! Wink

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(02-22-2016, 02:57 PM)lu20vt Wrote: Welcome Juanjo !    Wink

Indeed! Welcome Juan- great to see you back at DFS as a trusted vendor and thanks for the discount information.

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Welcome back to DFS, Juan. The discount is much appreciated.

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Hi Juan, I am looking forward to try Razor Master Shaving Soaps. Especially Uula. Smile

Valencia, Spain
Hello gents,

We have expanded our range of synthetic shaving brushes. Two new Epsilon synthetic shaving brushes and new Omega shaving brush under Via Barberia product range are available in our shop.

You will find more than 60 synthetic shaving brushes available from Vie-Long, Edwin Jagger, Omega, Mühle, Epsilon or Simpsons.

We hope you find the one that suits your taste.


[Image: CouBGc.jpg]
[Image: bkOLuP.jpg]
[Image: 77HR7k.jpg]
[Image: m49vtx.png]

All the best,

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Lovely selection Juan. I will be getting my hands on that 2 band epsilon very soon

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Are any of the 2 band epsilon brushes fan shaped? I can only seem to find fan shaped horse hair on the site.

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