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The spot near "The Angle" on Cemetery Ridge where 1st Lt. Alonzo H Cushing(MOH) fell. 1st Lieutenant Cushing was awarded his medal in 2014.
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Spot where Brig. Gen. Lewis A Armistead(CSA) fell leading his Brigade during Pickett's Assault. Furthest penetration of the CSA

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I love Gettysburg, great pictures!

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Then Battle for Gettysburg was critical.  Union support for the war was wavering.  If not for Gettysburg and some other victories, Lincoln may not have been re-elected in 1864.  His opponent campaigned on on stopping the war, which may well have meant that slavery remained.

Here is a Springfield musket, which was the primary rifle for the Civil War, where they had to put the bullet in the muzzle and jam it down with a ram rod.  They actually had the technology for repeating rifles, but the generals rejected them as they thought soldiers would waste ammunition.  

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