It's pretty mild and my usual go-to Astra blades were not effective enough for me.
Gillette blacks were better, now I am looking into getting some Iridium blades, which a couple of years ago I scratched off for being too sharp.

I like this razor: great build quality, good balance. It adds diversity to the stuff I usually use, mostly SE razors.

[Image: sJLSBx3.jpg]

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Better shave today, the angle has it's sweet spot where it's very efficient.

[Image: 43MjGf7.jpg]

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I'm very interested in this razor. For the last couple of months I've been using a Dorco PL-602, plastic but with what appears to be a similar head geometry, and I found the same thing regarding blades. Astras don't quite cut it, Gilette Silver Blues do.

Restitutor Orbis
It's a great razor and one of my favorites

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Got me the sharpest of the sharpest blades today. I only used these once 4 years ago and they were too sharp for me then, but I have a feeling these would be great in this razor.
I am still evaluating the Colonial General, but in a day or two will take these for a spin.

[Image: qh7syBi.jpg]
Sharpest of the sharpest huh?

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Shave yourself.

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