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Bay Rum - what's not to love?  Who doesn't want to smell like a pirate?

Our very own churchilllafemme did an awesome thread on scenting.  Here is a link to the page that has the Bay Rum entry.  Scroll towards the bottom and the post is labeled ‘Bay Rum’


All histories I’ve read say that sailors of old used the leaves from the West Indian Bay Tree, Pimenta racemosa as a cologne of sorts.  I’m making the leap that if sailors did this then pirates did too.

Next, they started soaking the leaves in rum.  At some point they started adding other things as well.  

I assert that West Indian Bay leaves and rum make a historically accurate pirate cologne.

You can’t purchase historically accurate Bay Rum in the US and many other countries.  They don’t allow the use of drinkable alcohol in perfume, cologne, etc….

So, I set out to make historically accurate Bay Rum with West Indian Bay leaves scent and Rum.  I’m using West Indian Bay Leaf essential oil, though will probably try the actual leaves at some point.

The West Indian Bay scent is somewhat similar to Patchouli, though definitely different.  It is much closer to the scent of Allspice, which is a close cousin to the West Indian Bay.

The rum used does contribute to the scent. I’ve made two batches.  One batch was with cheap white rum.  The contribution from this was fairly minor.  I also made a batch with Bacardi Gold.  While I didn’t like the scent of the Bacardi by itself, I thought it improved the Bay Rum Scent.

I think I’ll try Gosling’s Dark Rum next.  Gosling’s has been making Rum since the mid 1800s.  I may try Mount Gay as well.  Mount Gay has been making Rum since 1703.  Based on what I’ve seen so far, the Goldens and dark’s will contribute more to the scent.

I gave my nephew and brother in law Bay Rum aftershave for Christmas.  Here's a pic:

[Image: guestaccess.aspx?docid=0bf72f7f485a3454e...abe8502627]

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Avast ye, matey! Aaaarrrrggghhhh

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Very interesting indeed.

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