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Hi, guys!
I have a 9/16 Genco Grant that was one of the first restores I ever did, and the first set of scales I ever made.
I made a few mistakes back then, and now that I've learned a bit more, I decided to fix those mistakes.

Here is how the razor originally came to me. Paid a whole dollar for it.

[Image: 100_1772.JPG]

And this is the first restore. Tasmanian Blackwood scales. I did not properly sand and polish the blade, and I got the washers upside down. There was also a small pit left in the bevel that did not extend into the edge itself, and I cracked the scale near the pivot pin.

[Image: 100_2047.JPG]

So, it needed to be straightened out.
I had no more Tasmanian Blackwood, so I settled on an Australian wood called Yellow Siris. Scales are finished in CA, and blade is nicely polished out, pitting is gone, washers are right, etc. Just needs a good honing. Thanks for looking.

[Image: 100_2479.JPG]
[Image: 100_2480.JPG]
[Image: 100_2481.JPG]

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Congratulations. That is beautiful work.
Thank you, Freddy!
That looks great. How does it shave?
Thanks! It shaves great! It took a fine edge! It was always a fine shaver, even before this makeover. But now I find the change in scales has resulted in a much more even balance that really enhances the way the razor feels in my hand as I shave with it. It was really good before, now it is pretty much perfect.

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