Philadelphia, PA, USA
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Bought a Gem Featherweight Deluxe on EBay. It was filthy.

After an ultrasonic cleaning, followed by a quick hand polish and barbicide dip; it’s now fit as a Christmas gift to my grandson. Want to start him off right before he gets caught up in that cartridge shaving quagmire. See before and after above:

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Great job!

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Central Maine
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No matter how cruddy the Featherweight I have never seen one fail to clean up into something really nice. Yours is no exception.

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A great cleanup job and a great gift for your grandson. As an SE razor, I find the Featherweight a joy to use.

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Philadelphia, PA, USA
I agree!  It’s actually a very easy razor to learn on, I think.  Guess I ‘ll find out.

Enjoy your shaves,


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