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So...I scored a GEM Featherweight in very close to mint condition. It was found in the wild, at a barbershop, actually, and cleaned up absolutely beautifully. I tried to shave with it, and it was not to my taste. I just didn't like it at all. My DE shaves are far too comfortable and enjoyable to try mucking around with new techniques at the moment. I gave this thing a few fair tries, and never could get comfortable with it.

So...I would LOVE to see this thing end up in someone's rotation, or at least in a respected place in a collection.

It is not an expensive razor. Online market value places it at around $15-20, and truthfully, I am not looking for a perfectly even even trade...I'm more concerned with getting this thing into someone's hands that will appreciate it.

So make me an offer. I'm a very new wet shaver, and my den is very limited. Software, hardware, blades...it's all fair game to me.

Top on my wish list would be a Maggard's V2 open comb head, or a Maggard's 24mm synthetic brush in purple marble handle. Those, however, will both be purchased soon enough, if I don't get them in a trade.

Other interesting items would be aftershave splashes, of which I am a fan of alcohol based splashes that provide a good initial bite and comfortable dry down, or a soap/cream that I haven't tried yet.

Don't be shy. If you have something that you want to trade, make an offer. All reasonable offers will be considered.

CONUS only to keep shipping costs down, and each person would pay to ship their offering, which should make things fairly even.

Hit me up! What have you got laying around that isn't getting a lot of love? Give it a chance! Let's make a deal!

PS--Im working on getting a couple of pictures uploaded. I will update here in a few minutes...hopefully...
-Chris~Head Shaver~

That Bald Guy with the Big Beard
Bishop, CA
Trying to get a couple pictures into this thread...

[Image: 93a6d04ff50c228f9c24ae5aa141ca91.jpg]
[Image: 528c05b77c40604087b6e7f82188cd07.jpg]

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