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Which, if any, of the SE razor similar to the GEM 1912 is known to be more aggressive?

I am looking for a model slightly more aggressive than the GEM Damaskeene.

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Pretty much any of the other GEM 1912s would be. IMO the Damaskeene is fairly mild and definitely the mildest of that family. But bear in mind that there was variation throughout the line.

The GEM Jr is commonly found, relatively inexpensive, and might be what you're looking for. It's one rung up and IMO is mid aggressive for the family, along with the '24. But the '24 is a realyl handsome looker with the finely fluted handle and the curved top plate. The most aggressive would be the (just) plain Jane 1912.

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Interesting question ...

They all shaved the same to me..possibly the Gem G bar by a hair.  Get it, a hair!

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More aggressive feeling or more efficient?
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