A. Feitar
Portland, OR
I enjoy an orange scented shave soap.  So, I decided to compare/contrast/test Grooming Dept’s Valencia versus B&M’s Nordost.  
[Image: DDrY5UM.jpg]

After a week of switching back and forth as well as using both at the same time on L&R sides of the whiskers, one was a clear winner for me. 

Nordost smells like Tang. Valencia smells like fresh squeezed OJ but with some Orange flower and woody stem. 

Both are thirsty soaps. Nordost was high fluffy white structure. However, Valencia developed a glossy sheen lower structure lather that was slippery and slick. 

Post shave comfort was good on Nordost but sublime (suborange) on Valencia.  Amazing, since this version of Valencia was Janus vegan without tallow. 

Valencia was the clear winner for me.  I am down to 15% remaining in the tub and I was starting to ration it.  So, I am excited to read that GD will soon be rereleasing Valencia in the tallow Kairos base. 

Anyone want to buy a slightly used tub of Nordost?

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Great review. I have Nordost but I don't have Valencia. I am definitely getting it though when it comes out in the Kairos base.

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Good review. I have both those soaps and prefer GD also. Have you compared either to T+S Orangeilla? It’s a great base and the scent strikes me like orange creamsicle.

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