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Southampton UK
Good to find the DFS new forum! I started DE shaving around 1960 but went the way of cartridges when they were introduced and stayed with them for many years. Got back into DE razors - and dabbled with straights and SEs - about three, maybe four, years ago. I now own an obscenely large collection of DEs, soaps, brushes, smellies - including many, many American imports.

The standard length DE handle does not suit me so I'm into artisan handles at 100mm. All my Webers are kitted out with long handles - well, as are nearly all my razors.

I mainly frequest a UK based forum but shall be popping in here a lot, too - has a good feel about it.

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San Diego, Cal., USA
Welcome. Smile
Carl (Bechet)
See you made it across
Some good people on here

Los Angeles
Welcome! Few UK folks are joining, good!

The Dude Abides
Lots of UK people in the last week. Welcome !!!!

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