A commonly asked question in wet shaving is "If you could only take one scent to a desert island or use for the rest of your life, what would it be?" Which is always great fun and we usually all have our favourites.

I would like to hear your answers to a variation on this, "If you where given one brands full set of soap scents to use solely for the rest of your life what would it be?"

I ask this because a friend asked me this question recently and I actually struggled. I love Barrister and Mann but some of their scents are a bit dodgy to me so I wouldn't choose them. I love Dapper Dragon for performance, but I prefer my custom scents to the majority of the main range and they don't really count. So what brand could I use forever and not get bored?!

I settled on Cold River as I like nearly every single scent.

What would you choose?
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Out of the brands I've tried, I'm going to have to go with Barrister and Mann or Mystic Water. I'm probably basing a lot of this on performance and post-shave feel, but I love their scents as well. For me, it's gotta be something with tallow. Shea Butter and lanolin are nice too, but optional I guess.
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For a single soap, I'd take Haslinger Coconut, even on a desert island surrounded by Coconuts.

For a full line, I'd also take Haslinger, as it's my #1 performer. The scents are mild and they have enough variety to keep my happy.

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Barrister and Mann for me. Performance is outstanding and Will is always coming up with new, unique scent profiles. I have 25 of B&M soaps and will continue to buy them as he releases new ones.
Cold River is a close 2nd place. I love the scents and performance of Larry's soaps.

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I am going with Mike's, but if the question weren't about scents, I have to say vintage Williams.
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Pannacrema for me. Namaste, Rossa, Ebano, Blu, Nostalgia, San Francesco... I can't decide. All the scents are great and the performance is one of the best.
With what I have tried I would have to say Caties Bubbles. I would rather pick about 5-6 brands.

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For me it would be Barrister & Mann. Not only for the top notch performance, but the scents go from super complex (Leviathan, Cologne Russe, and Lavanille) to versatile and simply great (Lavanda, Rhapsody, and Solarion).

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Soap Commander for me. I've only tried three scents and didn't really like one of them but they have a lot of scents and I'm sure I'd like at least half of them. Plus, I'd get a new one every three months.
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Penhaligons. Or Tim's soaps. It takes a lot of talent to create complex and memorable scents for public consumption, that people gladly pay money to experience.
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