Den homeostasis sale... Selling as a lot and will not entertain trade offers. Asking $280 for the lot.

1) Epsilon Silvertip, 26x50 mm in black. This brush has a very dense and luxurious knot with sufficient backbone to easily lather hard soaps. Retail at current exchange rate would be $133. Original Epsilon box included.

2) 26mm Paladin PK47 in Lemondrop. Beautiful brush. I paid $168.50. Original Paladin packing tube included.

3) Unused puck of Edwin Jagger shave soap. Retail ~$9.

1) Epsilon. Knot appears squared in photos due to storage in box. It will bloom into a wonderful bulb. Has shed maybe 5 hairs over a dozen uses.

[Image: 42b52f0ff8aea9c5a22c9af0b7afd38a.jpg]

[Image: 93ead4197e02c61eb72c8825862d9c68.jpg]

[Image: 2d7e9e3a9165b9b4ad475595f7a8c6a9.jpg]

2) Paladin PK47

[Image: 9e9153feef5e537134f67ce8d3f26cbd.jpg]

[Image: d958fe200c05d0d999561ae556f8fa3c.jpg]

[Image: c7e90b5513848be8d5531f573f7c1deb.jpg]

[Image: 79550f488e0a260ea5c9e35282a8517f.jpg]


[Image: 2e186b5ed058f637f1315b8b8a0c00ff.jpg]
Superb deal!

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Sold. Please archive.
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