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I have for sale the following Barrister & Mann Fougere items:

1. Fougere Imperiale tallow shave soap (4oz tub, new/unused)
2. Fougere Aromatique tallow shave soap (4 oz tub, used once)
3. Fougere Classique Tonique After Shave Splash ( 3.5 oz splash, new/unused)

Pricing for all three is $95.00 delivered in the USA via USPS and payment via PayPal. No trade offers nor offers to break up the set please.

Fougere royale? was that an early Fougere from will?

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Oops. I meant "aromatique". Now corrected in the listing above.

Philadelphia, PA
please post photos of your items per our bst rules: http://damnfineshave.com/announcement-bst-rules

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