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G'day everyone,

Thought it to be time for me to join one of all shaving forums out there,and why not Damn Fine Shave as it seems to be a "down to the ground" and "in ease" one.Been wet shaving since stubble started to give me no choice if I didn't want to scare dogs away by looking like a prehistoric one of their kind.In other words I'm not the one who always hunt the 4 pass perfection as I'm 5 o'clock shaded two hours later anyways.Straights been my tool for most,but the later years I've found an interest in De's and these days It's whatever I grab for the momentary(lapse of?)reason.Not until later years I've put any specific interest to what soap/blade/brush to use,as I've been more or less just going for a Simpson or Morris Forndran,and getting a new one now
and then on me travels.As for soaps it's been the same...sticked to the ones that I've always been using as Penhaligons,Tobs,D.R harris etc etc.My blade has been everything from my grandfathers Heljestrand to eskilstunas to Dovos,and a couple of others made by friends since me days in Japan.Them as some of my kitchen knives is what makes me smile a lil extra sunday come.
Nowdays I've took some more time into the variety of brushes availeble,and what made me do that was actually nothing more then a few pics showing up as I searched for a replacement to my dying,OLD, Morris forndran...there was when I noticed "shave of the day"pics and Celestino ones to be precise.Guess thats a silent bow to you Celestino one....thanks for renewing a simple everyday deed to become atleast a lil more than just buffing of the shade even if thats just enough.Shaving ain't rocket science and never will be,but it can surely be a lil bit more than just "cut and done".My join here will probably consist of mostly buying things in the BST,but if time allows,me might throw some words into a thread now and then too.So,as a start - Hi lads and lasses and see to have great days ahead all of you.(by the way,stubbles started to grow some 40 years ago yes)


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Welcome to DFS and enjoy your stay. Smile

Thanks and howdy "trouty" one

me will,me will "garfield"...thanks for the welcome

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Welcome to DFS Tolje!

thank you Hoosier one

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Welcome. Smile
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Welcome to DFS!

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Thanks Jags and Celestino

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