Knothead Brush Works custom brush auction for DFS. Read more here!!


I primarily bought this since it is a pre 1918 piece of Shavecana...that’s pretty much all that I know about this.

Does anyone use one of these to keep an edge going?  

I might just use one razor until it starts to tug, and then see how long I can keep it going with this...or I might just keep it tucked away.

At any rate, I thought it was neat to have the original box and papers.  These are the sellers photos and it should arrive later this week.


[Image: 0SgRYJP.jpg][Image: szgElw0.jpg][Image: 1GZMUby.jpg][Image: haSWWPW.jpg][Image: BkmfoPy.jpg][Image: vwKMb26.jpg][Image: m0Vs1W3.jpg]

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Nice find, Matt. Good luck with it.
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Thanks Celestino!

I used a Wacker today that is as good a candidate as any for this experiment...but I doubt I am disciplined enough to stick with one razor until it starts tugging.  I don’t have any rhyme nor reason behind choosing a razor to use aside from whatever strikes me in the moment!  I hadn’t used this big Wacker Jungmeister in over a year, but today it jumped to the front!

Have a great week!



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