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Poll: Fragrance use - is it a post shave topic?
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I select my fragrance scent to match my soap/cream/aftershave.
25.00% of votes
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My fragrance selection has nothing to do with my shaving routine.
37.50% of votes
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I only use post shave products and that is my scent for the day.
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Los Angeles
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This question comes up from time to time...

Whenever I choose my scent for the day, it has nothing to do with what I used for shaving. Yes, some splashes last longer and I may elect not to use any fragrance at all, but then I'll have to pick a splash based on what I want to smell in the middle of the day. So it's NO from me, but i want to hear what other folks are thinking.

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I will choose my after shave fragrance to either match or complement.  For example, when I shave with Barrister & Mann Cheshire, it strongly reminds me of Penhaligon's Blenheim Bouquet so that is the EdT I invariably finish up with when using the Cheshire.  I would consider that a match.

Today, I used Dapper Dragon Autumn Morning shaving soap and Sisley Eau de Compagne EdT.  They do not smell anything alike but, to me, both are very earthy scents so they complement each other.

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I generally choose an aftershave that won't clash with whatever fragrance I'm planning to wear for the day as opposed to the other way around. My fragrance selection has nothing to do with my shaving routine, but my shaving routine has quite a lot to do with my fragrance selection. Smile

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