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I really like Nuavia Blu. The performance is outstanding and the scent is great. It's strong though so I think pairing the right AS and cologne would be important. I'm wondering if anyone has a favorite fragrance combination to go with Blu. Thanks.
Cologne Russe aftershave Tonique from B&M
Creed Himalaya
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From the ones I've tried I'd say B&M Lavanille splash. I've been using Thayer's original/unscented witch hazel as an aftershave to let the Blu smell come through.

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Chatillon Lux Gratiot League Square or Bon Vivant too.
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Recently got The Third Man Le 3eme Homme De Caron and it's a very close match for the Nuávia Blu, pairs very well, inexpensive too!

By the way, just to let you know the quality and integrity of some of the artisanal vendors here, I asked this gentleman if he could recommend a fragrance that would pair well with one of his soaps. He did, and I'm awaiting that.

He knew I was using Nuávia Blu, a competing product. Not only did he say that he thought the Nuávia was a quality product, he was recommended the Third Man Le 3eme Homme De Caron to pair with the Blu, and he was spot on.

That speaks volumes to me: A competitor, not only complementing a competing product, but suggesting something that would enhance my enjoyment of it. Classy, gentlemanly, gracious behavior!

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Was looking for an AS suggestion for blu and came across a few threads which didn't help much being a few years old. Looked over the scent list for blu and had a perfect match in my inventory.

Madagascar by Tallow & Steel is a spot on scent for anyone trying to pair blu.

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L'Occitane Eau des Baux works great for me.
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