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I have been using fractal art images as my computer screensaver and wallpaper recently, and this led me to look on the web for shaving-related fractal art (since I have nothing better to do). I found only a couple pictures. This one was labeled 'Shaving Brush.'
[Image: 5qcy4bZ.jpg]

As was this one...
[Image: z7ilvyA.jpg]

And this was called 'Neroli - WSP.' I have no idea if WSP has used it in advertising.
[Image: 5yRTAbh.jpg]

I also found a lot of stuff about shaving cream art. There are works by professional artists.
[Image: hzI8Ld5.jpg]
[Image: EFvxx2d.jpg]

[Image: qfOwHDe.jpg]

And also projects apparently done by little kids.
[Image: zyn40iR.jpg]
[Image: 0nFLloE.jpg]
[Image: 6ob5a8v.jpg]

There are even a bunch of YouTube videos about doing this with the kids.
shaving cream art - YouTube

There were humorous discussions of future 'fractal razors,' with an infinite number of blades on a finite razor, but I couldn't find an image.
I found all of this interesting on this lazy Saturday morning.

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