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Slants and diagonals, in their stored state in my drawers as well as cosily together for a groupshot :-) I did not unpack two Trumpf-boxes, as those razors are the same as the one next to them, and the boxes are very nice as well so now you can see them unhindered.
I can have the same razor twice, but then something has to be different: either different packaging, as with the Trumpf, or different branding, as with Merkur 37/Hoffritz/Coles/Pomco. Merkur 37c and 37g count as two different razors. I have two Merkur 37c, one from before 2015 and one from 2016, in between Merkur changed their molds so the heads have slight differences.
There's three SE-slants: one Tempo and two RAS. One RAS has a one-piece handle, the other is a travelrazor with a two-piece handle. The plastic Fasan's look a lot alike, but their packaging is different, as is their weight. There is one Ile De France, all the way to the right in the middle, that takes proprietary blades. The razor came with four packs, but haven't had the guts to try one of those pre-WW2 carbonblades yet :-)
Also three 3D-printed slants coming from Drone115b at Shapeways, and a couple of heads-onlys: iKon, ATT, Maggard. An aluminum grip I got through the Dutch forum is in the picture as well so it wouldn't feel left out.
[Image: DSC05585.JPG]
[Image: DSC05586.JPG]
[Image: DSC05587.JPG]
[Image: DSC05588.JPG]
[Image: DSC05828_1.JPG]

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Impressive, to say the least. Happy2

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I had no idea there were that many different slant razors produced. Very nice collection indeed!
- Jeff
Thanks. There's still a few missing that I know of, so I'm afraid it doesn't end here Big Grin

Geez, that's a group! Very nice.

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Saw a Shapeways Sharkbone 3D printed razor in one of your photos -- what do you think of how it shaves? I've got the Fishbone, and I'd have to say it shaves a lot like a Fatip; fairly aggressive, in my opinion.

[Image: 625x465_12180621_6981914_1471038415.jpg]

Excellent collection of slants! I've tried many different slants, and I think my personal favorite is still the Merkur 37C.
I too rate the 37c amongst the very best. Can't go wrogn with it, and it's the razor I advise anyone who wants to start with a slant.

Of the 3D-printed ones I have three, all by the same designer drone115b. These are the Sharkbone 220, the Whalebone 222 and the Kraken 248. The Sharkbone and the Whalebone are really nice razors. Very loud, very efficient, surprisingly good and pleasant shavers, especially considering you got to get some nuts and bolts to use the things. The Kraken can be a bit too raw. You can have real good shaves with it, but compared to the other two it takes too much effort.

I've seen this collection grow over the past year, if there are any out there he doesn't have yet it won't be long .... ;-)
Richard is very good at reviewing this shavers btw.
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Thank you Ron :-)

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