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Christmas is usually a big fountain pen day for us. Not so much this year. Though ML did receive a nice pen and accessories.

First up is the Diplomat pen box.
[Image: XfzKZUZ.jpg]

It has an inkwell to put a bottle of ink. It came with Diplomat Royal Blue ink.

Inside is a compartment for supplies.
[Image: pPGwmlD.jpg]

As well as a pen place in the lid to the lower compartment.
[Image: elGw8v1.jpg]

Her Christmas pen is a Laban Series 300 demonstrator. I purchased this at Goldspot who refer to it as the Series 300. Other sites called it the Laban Skeleton pen. It is rose gold filigree over a translucent resin body.
[Image: qpHDwnK.jpg]

It does not post very well but ML is okay with that.
[Image: eNhEcLt.jpg]

While I have no pictures it writes like a dream. One of the best writers we have. We now own 4 Labans between us and they all write well above their pricepoint.

Happy writing.


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Both pieces are beautiful, Phil.

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Nice! Looks like it was very Merry Christmas

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