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We had a great Christmas so far and were graced with some nice fountain pen kit.

My wife received the following items:
Diamine Blue Lightning shimmering ink, Waterford Celestial fountain pen and the Laban square crystal inkwell.
[Image: spM7QgR.jpg]

The pen looks better in person than in print or online. It screws to open/close and friction fits to post.
ML got a medium steel nib.
[Image: ziqrEd9.jpg]

The ink is amazing. It dries to a beautiful glittering color.
[Image: UlKXpkE.jpg]

I recieved a Platinum 3776 Century Bourgogne fountain pen, Papyrus deckle edged stationary, Visconti traveling inkpot, Visconti blotting paper and a bottle of Pilot Iroshizuku Momiji (autumn leaves) ink.
[Image: lWTWTsL.jpg]

The pen is a beautiful deep translucent burgundy color with a 14kt extra fine nib. It too screws to open/close and friction fits to post.
[Image: JwTnhS7.jpg]

It rights very nicely. I am a lefty so the extra fine nib helps prevent smearing.

The inkpot holds ink in the clear section. The lid conceals a little "sponge" for cleaning up the nib area.
[Image: yaGa0RE.jpg]

The inside of the inkpot has a rubbery material. You insert your pen and the rubber grips and seals. Invert the pot and turn your converter or piston to fill.
[Image: qAZukQ7.jpg]

My wife has two specialized inkwells from TWSBI. They are specific to a TWSBI model pen. The Visconti appears to be universal as long as the pen fits into the opening.

I am looking forward to using my new pen gear.

I hope you all had a good Christmas.


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Beautiful, all around, Phil. The pens are beauties and Mary Lou's Laban ink well is striking. How airtight does the ink well seal? I always wonder about evaporation in those.

The lid is a snug friction fit but it is not at all airtight. I bought the shimmer ink expressly for this Laban inkwell. I thought it would look striking in there. But the ink needs to be "gently shaken" prior to loading a pen. You can not shake the Laban inkwell if it has ink in it. So some other color will call the Laban home.


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Thanks, Phil. I bought myself the Diamine Shimmering Inks Brandy Dazzle but have not had a chance to give it a try.

Nice gifts! I still need to get me one of those. Maybe with some of this Christmas money...
- Jeff

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That's a great system you've got there, Phil; you and your wife giving each other fountain pens.

Gorgeous gifts; I even enjoyed just looking at them.

That Visconti inkpot is a clever idea. Does your wife have the "TWSBI Diamond 50 Ink Bottle"? Even though it's designed for TWSBI pens, I believe it can accept any other type too.

Enjoy them.

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She does have the diamond 50. It accepts international sized converters.

I have used it and the TWSBI is convenient. My wife tends to use blues almost exclusively. I like bright colors. It will be nice to have a color of my chosing in the Visconti inkpot Smile


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Really nice pens and great Christmas presents.

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