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Hello Gentlemen,

Looking to buy a Wolfman SB in any metal or finish as long as it is in very good+ condition.

I'm not a razor collector, as I just want the very best possible razor I can find to use regularly. My current daily driver is the OneBlade (which has absolutely given me the best shaves of my life!), but many people say Wolfman is tops. I'd like to see if the Wolfman can dethrone my OneBlade, and even if it can't, I'd like to have the very best DE sitting next to the the very best SE.

I'm willing to buy the head only, head w/handle, or head/handle/stand. (I'll even take the travel case off your hands as long as it includes the head.) I'm willing to pay higher than retail for this razor, so if you have an extra, or are willing to part with yours, please shoot me a PM with an offer.

Wolfman SS polished SB found along with BBS-1!!! Thanks to the sellers!

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