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Omaha, NE
Wandered into a little thrift shop today and found this little beauty sitting in the front case. After a soak in CLR, a scrub with a gun brush, and then a once over with Mother's metal polish it came out looking pretty good.
[Image: aac0d1bd82697707b23bce1ef8e46263.jpg]

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San Diego, Cal., USA
Better than pretty good. Happy2

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Chazz Reinhold HOF
Very nice find. Enjoy it!

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It is always nice to find things in the wild. It is so rewarding.

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That's a nice looking razor.

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Southwestern NY
Nice score!

I have yet to find anything in the wild. It doesn't stop me from looking everywhere I go, though!

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Congrats on the find and great job on the clean up Big Grin

North Carolina
Nice find and great cleanup! Congrats!

Very cool. Do you have a picture of what it looked liked before it was cleaned?

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