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Had the day off so I decided to go antiquing. I found this nice little Merkur slant. From what I can gather it is from the 60's. It is silver plated and beautiful. Now the dilemma. I usually go looking for razors to revamp and sell. I already have a. 37C so I don't need two slants. Hmm what to do. Might have to have a shave off to see which one I like better. The vintage one looks more aggressive so I will have to see. [Image: e503c3dd362bccb6aa1d0d094cdac9a3.jpg][Image: 74bc8d7388b5af03e92700d2d6dad9f5.jpg][Image: 41ef8b23e0753b6c37d09206663d28a4.jpg]

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Nice find Vilhauer ! No question for me provided you like the shave of both: the 37c is still in production, I run with that beauty you found today as a limited edition!

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