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Michigan, USA
[Image: be2806748aff7a814e5d2ffaac67daa8.jpg]

It looks as if Fine accoutrements is coming out with their own polymer version of the RazoRock Stealth Slant. I'm eager to try this because I couldn't get my hands on RR version. What are your opinions on polymer razors? I'm sure this razor will have a reasonable price.

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That looks very cool, I'd give it a go if the price was right.

BTW, whats up with the Spartans!? Coach Izzo does not look pleased. Sure hope Costello's ankle injury isn't too serious - from the look of it he must not have any ligaments left in that ankle given the angle he came down on it and he was actually back in the game!?


Michigan, USA
Lol. Apparently they only like to play well in November and March. No team gets injured more than the Spartans. I think Tum Tum is hurt too.

I have a feeling this razor will have a great price and will sell fast. Just wonder how efficient it will be considering how light it probably is. I've heard the RR version is fairly mild.

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Looks interesting. Sourced?

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Hi Chad, I've never tried the RR version but I do have the RR Black Mamba and its a very comfortable razor. I've never read reviews nor tried resin razors although I know that some bakelite razors are highly regarded.

I've been watching the Big Ten Network for a few years up here in Canada and although you may not think it possible, I am a fan of several if not most of the Big Ten teams. I once had a Badger fan tell me that it was impossible to be a fan of both the Badgers and the Buckeyes - like matter and anti-matter. I just enjoy it and then in March I generally cheer for the Big Ten teams because, having watched them all season and watched The Journey, I feel like I know them. Its a lot of fun. My son plays Canadian University basketball so basketball has been a big part of our lives for a long time.

Don't you just love Draymond Green? I think its funny how the sports media have all jumped on the Draymond Green bandwagon since last year saying how they always knew he was great blah blah blah. Right, so how come nobly drafted him until almost the end of the draft? Second round, 35th?! Four year guy must be something wrong with him? I watched him for four years and knew what he was about and I couldn't believe he went so late in the draft. I'm really happy for him and his family how things have worked out.


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San Diego, Cal., USA
It's certainly a good looking razor, in my opinion.

Looks awesome. I would certainly give it a go. I generally prefer heavier razors, but that might make a nice travel razor. I'm interested to see how much it will cost. Any idea of release date?
- Jeff
That is one sexy razor. I do prefer a heavier or stainless steel version though.

Austin, TX
I also like heavy razors but would definitely pick one of these up provided it doesn't have a crazy price.

Looks great IMHO.

Thousand Oaks, CA
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