Good evening,

I have a massive list of shaving items below that I'm looking to part ways with in an attempt to clear out my den so I can make room to use my favorite items more regularly.

Here's the thing... I'm really looking to sell these items together as one bulk order. Whoever commits to the offer will certainly be getting one hell of a deal!! Not only are the items valued at approximately $800!! but in addition, everything is brand new with the exception of the few razors and brushes. So, in other words, all the soaps are brand new/never lathered and all the Aftershaves are new/full bottles. Even the few razors and brushes that are used, have only been used minimally as described below. I did not yet provide photos but certainly will do so to whoever is interested in the bulk offer. Please look at my positive feedback to help put your mind at ease to buy with confidence!!

So, here's the list of items being sold:


1. Merkur 34C HD- used 5 times
2. Parker 26C open comb- used 5 times
3. Phoenix double open comb- used 5-10 times
4. Phoenix Sidewinder- used once
5. Brand new/never used Straight Razor- Gold Dollar/Gold Monkey, brown/black handle, honed by Anthony Esposito... It is shave ready! Great for just starting straight razor shaving.


1. Nathan Clark custom- spalted wood handle with Plisson knot-used 3 times
2. Semoque 830 boar- used 5-10 times (not even fully broken in yet)
3. Whipped Dog Silvertip- I think it's a 24 mm, used 5 times (I had the loft lowered to give more backbone)
4. The Grooming Company synthetic 25 mm white handle- used 5 times- Plisson type knot but much more backbone because of how dense it is and how low it's set.

Soaps: all are brand new/never lathered

1. Crown King- Rustler's Ridge soap and matching AS- both brand new
2. Tabac soap and bowl... Still in the box
3. PAA Bay Rum 3.5 oz
4. PAA Cavendish 8oz
5. PAA Malbolge 8oz
6. PAA Speakeasy 8oz
7. PAA Gondolier 8oz
8. PAA King R. Emporium 8oz (a PAA and Razor Emporium collaboration)
9. Soap Commander- Love (Rose)
10. Soap Commander- Endurance (old spice)
11. Stirling- Black Cherry
12. Through the Fire Fine Craft- Devils Cut
13. HTGAM unscented 8oz tin
14. Beaver Woodwright- Captains Pipe soap and matching AS
15. Beaver Woodwright- Frankincense and Myrrh soap
16. Pre de Provence #63
17. Nanny's Silly Signature Soap- Warm Spice
18. Reef Point- Calming Spice
19. Reef Point- Peerless
20. Shaver Heaven- Honey Ale

Aftershaves: all are new/full bottles

1. PAA i.e.
2. Crown King/PAA Rustler's Ridge
3. PAA Tamanu Noire
4. Beaver Woodwright Captains Pipe
5. Folsom Black Powder
6. PAA Pomegranate Bay
7. Wholly Kaw Jamestown Gentleman
8. Soap Commander balms- Courage and Endurance: brand new

So, it all consists of 20 brand new soaps, 7 new and full bottle aftershaves, 2 brand new balms, 4 brushes, and 5 razors!! I'm looking to get $365 for all of these items as an entire lot. That's alot of money but when you consider the $800 worth of gear that you're getting, that all the soaps and aftershaves are brand new, that the shipping cost will probably total $35 due to the size of the order..... It's getting a ton of shaving gear.. But sold at over 50% off its listed price!!!

So, if anyone's interested please message me here at DFS... The items will go to the first person who commits!

Thank you!

Justin Bailey

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