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I've been shaving with a Focus R52 almost exclusively for the last three months, and recently acquired an R62 which I've been using for the last two weeks.  They are both excellent one pass shavers, but the quality control is noticeably better on the R52 than on the R62.  This is unfortunate considering the price difference between them.  The R62 came with a defective baseplate, which I had to have replaced; with much drama from Jarrod at The Superior Shave.  He has issues, and is very difficult for an emotionally insensitive guy like me to deal with.  That said, I think considering the $108 difference in price and the QC issues; I would recommend the aluminum R52 over the 316 stainless steeel R62.  The R52 is also available from The Italian Barber, but the R62 is only available from The Superior Shave.  These are my thoughts on those razors.  Your mileage may vary.

[Image: EnKvL6b.jpg]

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This is a very good design. I’m surprised more people aren’t talking about it. I purchased an aluminum one on sale from Italian Barber and I can’t put it down! Very efficient, but smooth to me. No issues, even on my neck. The results are wonderful and I don’t find I’m living on the edge of the blade.

I would look at purchasing the Stainless steel version if it were readily available.

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