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saw TSS is testing new 3 piece aluminum razor from Focus called the R51. Ultra slim profile. Photos in post #5

What's the company's name?
figured out how to post photos. There will be 3 heads; flat, concave, and twist/slant.

[Image: lC3PMip.jpg]

[Image: am1sStk.jpg]

[Image: zwWmkja.jpg]

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Why was the post of the YouTube video removed? I went and looked it up. Some interesting information, such as the easily identified angle, but it didn’t seem to give a BBS shave after what seemed like five passes ... granted none ATG. Lots of sound during every pass and when feeling his face afterward.

But seems like a safe razor. Looked like he was really rough with the razor against his face, really applying a lot of pressure, but no cuts.

In any case, I love the geometry of the head. If the price is right, I wouldn’t mind giving it a shot. Would still wait for more reviews to be safe, though!
he really did go to town on his face. I was wondering how mild it would be with the blade sitting so close to the base plate.

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I wonder how much of the lather slots the blade will cover. when I tried their SE pivoting razor, I noticed the lather would get clogged up easily as the lather ports were fairly covered up by the blade.
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O.k., this one is interesting to me as I have been really wanting to use lower profile razor heads. I know zich about this outfit, so I'll be depending on opinions of DFS members.

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As soon as I saw it, I fell in love with this project.
Cumbo Srl in Milan (Italy) is already known in the sector.
First with the Slim shavette, then with the hybrid SE Dynamic.

Now they enter the DE world.
They do it with the Focus "Tritok", which in their dialect means three pieces.

Obviously they do it with the material they know best: Aluminum.
In this case, a very resistant alloy was chosen, the 6082 Anticordal.

The line consists of three models:
• R51 Flat
• R52 Concave
• R53 Slant
[Image: V5AOOWO.jpg]

For now the production is stopped, due to the Coronavirus.
If all goes well, production will be available by the end of April.
In fact, it is all handmade in Italy, with anodized aluminum.
This allows for extremely precise specifications.
In addition to pleasant colors.
The American importer The Superior Shave has a couple of well-made videos.

Mine is blue R51 Flat model, and I got it from the Italian distributor Rasoi Milano.
Luckily it has a small preproduction batch.
It has a very particular geometry.
The head and therefore also the blade is absolutely flat.
There is a preset angle of 25 ° on which the head rests on the skin and requires an adjustment of the technique.
Very intuitive in theory, not very easy in practice.
I've been using it these days, but I still don't control it to perfection.
So always very smooth shaves, in fact it is designed with an almost zero gap and a neutral exposure.
Even the neophyte can't get hurt with this.
But without the right technique, the depth of cut can be difficult to find.
I am learning, and I enjoy doing it.
[Image: trUUAjW.jpg]
[Image: fjBsyZc.jpg]
[Image: Cd35Q0V.jpg]
[Image: Md7AptG.jpg]

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the slim head profile is what originally caught my eye.  The logo placement in the latest pics is terrible though. I thought Italians were supposed to be good at design?

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To give consistency to my test of the Focus Tritok R51 Flat, even in the last few days I have used it exclusively.
[Image: Cd35Q0V.jpg]
[Image: Md7AptG.jpg]
[Image: vtppM1O.jpg]

By changing the grip, "pen like" as of Asian table tennis players, I solved the problem of the elbow.
Significantly more natural movements bring better control.
Although it is not as simple as seen on TV.
Tongue  Tongue  Tongue

Anyway today I went back almost to my standards.
A good BBS, although it required several retouches..
With an oddly long time.

This reassures me about the goodness of the path.
Let's see where it takes me.

(03-23-2020, 01:49 AM)surfboat Wrote: The logo placement in the latest pics is terrible though.

I'd like to have on the bottom side of the plate, and nothing on handle.
BTW is a normal design of Cumbo Srl.
As other shavers before.

About technical research, this model is a new level.
The blade is dead flat, no chattering, totally mute.
It's difficult to have this in a such light razor.
As always ... "Italians do It better".
Big Grin  Big Grin  Big Grin

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Where there is a great desire there can be no great difficulty - Niccolò Machiavelli
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