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saw TSS is testing new 3 piece aluminum razor from Focus called the R51. Ultra slim profile. Photos in post #5

What's the company's name?
figured out how to post photos. There will be 3 heads; flat, concave, and twist/slant.

[Image: lC3PMip.jpg]

[Image: am1sStk.jpg]

[Image: zwWmkja.jpg]

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Why was the post of the YouTube video removed? I went and looked it up. Some interesting information, such as the easily identified angle, but it didn’t seem to give a BBS shave after what seemed like five passes ... granted none ATG. Lots of sound during every pass and when feeling his face afterward.

But seems like a safe razor. Looked like he was really rough with the razor against his face, really applying a lot of pressure, but no cuts.

In any case, I love the geometry of the head. If the price is right, I wouldn’t mind giving it a shot. Would still wait for more reviews to be safe, though!
he really did go to town on his face. I was wondering how mild it would be with the blade sitting so close to the base plate.

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I wonder how much of the lather slots the blade will cover. when I tried their SE pivoting razor, I noticed the lather would get clogged up easily as the lather ports were fairly covered up by the blade.
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O.k., this one is interesting to me as I have been really wanting to use lower profile razor heads. I know zich about this outfit, so I'll be depending on opinions of DFS members.

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