Thanks to an awesome exchange with Nachum, I received Tabac for the first time today. I'd never tried it, but have heard nothing but good things about it. Normally, I seriously prefer artisanal soaps. I enjoy helping small businesses, and so I don't own many "major brand" shaving products.
So I had an evening shave with Tabac, and first thing I can say is the scent is... much better than expected. It's far from my favorite, Stirlings Gatlinburg is the crowning star of fragrances to me, but it's very robust and round.

On the performance, it's much better than anticipated. I expected something less from a big-name-brand, but the performance was cloud-like lather, with more than plenty of glide. I like light and airy lathers, like a perfect merengue so to speak. Florida does a number on my skin, and so denser, creamier lathers can result in an unpleasant feeling once I begin to sweat on the 15-foot-walk-to-the-car-in-July's-110*-heat-index-with-99.9%-humidity. The fragrance is a little heavy for my taste in that climate, though. The hotter it is, the crisper I want the fragrance. Lemons, mints, and menthols comprise of my heat-survival-shaving-kit.

Overall, though, I'm more than impressed by the performance of Tabac.

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Metro Detroit
I'm glad you liked it... Tabac has been around for so long because it is so good. It reminds me of my Dad.

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Tabac is the real deal. I remember when I first tried it a few years ago. I was struggling while learning how to lather soaps, but after using Tabac, I was like AHH, that's what all the fuss is about!

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Tabac might be the first soap ever that I wanted to hoard just in case overseas shipping failed in some sort of Mad Max apocalypse. I am almost kidding when I say that.

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Restitutor Orbis
Tabac is my top soap. The scent isn't my favorite but it never bothered me. I would never be without Tabac.

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Ontario, Canada
I used Tabac last night for the first time in a while and I'm always impressed by the performance for the reasonable price. I'm one who likes the scent but that's the only knock that many have against it, it's just not for everyone.

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Surrey, UK
Tabac is a strong performer but whilst I liked the scent, initially, I grew tired of it pretty quickly. It's also a winter scent, IMO. I don't allocate scents to seasons and use all my soaps throughout the year. Tabac is one of only a few soaps I've used that I wouldn't touch in the warmer months.

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Glad you like it! I am one that enjoys the scent, but like Optometrist, think that it can get old fast (no pun intended, ha). I also agree that the performance is awesome, but for me, the post shave isn't up to snuff with the likes of B&M or Mystic Water. Just my experience, good soap though.

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- Jeff
Tabac is without a doubt, my absolute favorite mass market product. I will always have Tabac. It is slick, protective, and most of all it has a SUPER stout scent and I love that scent. I wish there were more mass market products out there like Tabac, its freaking awesome and its my last great hope if for some sad reason, artisan soap dies. Give me Tabac, Cella and something like Saint James of London Creams and I'll be rolling on the river.

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I'm surprised I didn't respond to this, because I'm something of a Tabac fan boy I guess. It lathers just by turning on the water, picking up a brush and winking at it. Plus it's a very nostalgic scent for me. It brings back 1950s memories of my dad, plus in the 50s all the department stores smelled like Tabac. You know, the good old days.

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