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Fireworks Are Back & Not Only in CK-6 too, but also w/ a Matching Splash!

BOOM! (never has that felt so fitting to say.) Scent Profile: Spent Fire Works. Not overkill, subtle and memorable.

For me, fireworks are one of my strongest scent memories. As for most, I especially remember this patriotic aroma from 4th of July family gatherings. After stuffing myself with hotdogs and hamburgers all day, and many a game of egg toss or some time in the pool with my cousins...it was time.

All the older fellas in the fam would put their beers down and start speaking in hushed tones, shooing us curious kids away as they started setting up their fire works!

Bottle Rockets, Sky Rockets, Whistlers, Genies, Lady Fingers, Black Cats, Snakes, Tic-Tacs, Sparklers, etc. Then it was time and one after another these colorful mysteries would come to life! You know the rest, but more importantly, you know the smell.

Brimstone (or sulfur) with a pinch of black powder, in short, a spent firecracker. Simple enough yet there was/is so much attached to this classic scent. For one, where I grew up, it was illegal to sell, buy or set off fire works. Knowing this as a kid, I could never really wrap my head around it, I mean my family were church going folk...but come 4th of July, they were devil may care pyromaniacs! So this element of danger and rebelliousness burned itself in my brain but more than that, seared it on my nose.

I also remember waking up early, really early on July 5th and taking my dog for a walk to the park where folks would go on the 4th to watch the town fire works and light off their own. This is where I would find dud fire crackers, M-80s or stuff that was dropped in the flashing dark of the previous evening. I would come home with pockets full of BOOM!

For weeks after I was experimenting with my finds! Mostly, I would just break open the duds and make a pile of gunpowder and then light it...a Genie! Other times I would just turn over this highly decorated tubes in my hand and read them. Bottle Rocket labels were especially an enigma, "With Report" always confused the heck out of me, sounded way cooler then what it actually meant. Which was, It Exploded. Here I was expecting a note to fall from the sky with some info on the "launch".

Fact is, I like most, have many a fond memory wrapped in this epic, potent, whimsical scent! So I am super excited to release Fire Works! Note, you will not need any form of adult supervision for this and it's legal in all 50 states!

Happy 4th of July!

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