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Anyone else get as excited as their kids do for this weekend.  Something innate in the male genome that leads us to ask... "Hey I wonder if I can blow that up"? I wonder in our household who gets more "fired up" Smile  over the 4th of July, me or my boys??? Tough Call.  

Our annual fireworks expenses would probably be half as much if I didn't go to the store with them.  Smile  Beer is in Fridge, Fireworks ready, have a great 4th weekend everyone and above all, drive safe and remain safe.  One final pontification:

For all who have served and those that are serving now, your sacrifice has resulted in my families freedom. Thank you and God Bless. For those currently deployed, come home safe.  God Bless America!!

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fireworks are cool to watch. I value my fingers too much to mess around with explosives...

I have family coming up from Texas on Saturday, so we'll try to take them somewhere local to see some fireworks.
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Fireworks and other things that go BOOM aren't just for boys. Lol I love anything that explodes. My note for the coming weekend: Be safe and please be considerate of our combat Vets with your fireworks. Take a moment to let them know you are going to be setting them off. Thank You

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I don't, but have fun with yours!

Have a great Independence Day!
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