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Thousand Oaks, CA
Who's used theirs? Just shaved with mine this morning for the first time. It seemed very mild to me, I'd say this razor could even be good for beginners as it was really easy to find the shaving angle. Lots of audible feedback as well. I'll need to give it a few more goes to develop a final opinion but so far my thoughts are positive. I wish it were a bit heavier but the light weight didn't bother me much.

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Definitely ymmv.

I found it to be aggressive on the blade feel, but not harsh. Easy to find the angle due to the face feel. Glided better than I expected, however.

It may be the blade, I used a Rockwell blade which I feel is a bit thicker than say a feather or a lab blue... Or the Russian 7 O'Clock: DAMN the Russian blues are a nice blade.... Wink

It does have good feedback and definitely a keeper. I'm not sure if I'd recommend it for a newbie due to the light weight. I find that I have to grip it tightly else it runs the risk of skipping.... Perhaps that's also leading to a harsher feel.

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Thousand Oaks, CA
I tend to like exaggerated topcaps anyway, but I've only got one shave down with mine so my review is definitely a bit premature.
I've been growing a beard out over the last several months to test out some beard oils, so I've only been shaving my neck and my cheeks. I think the beard is coming off next week after my trip so I'll be able to review it on a full face shave next time.
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I would agree my use so far was very mild ... Using Personna lab blues ... Very audible but actual use was very pleasant ... As far as beginner razor I thought it was pretty easy to find a sweet spot but I'm not sure with the weight I would be cautious of making a habit of applying to much pressure and the when the addiction kicks in and they switch to something with some weight like an ATT ... Just my thoughts .... Very nice razor though I enjoy mine a lot

Philadelphia, PA
I think for the cheap price, I'll probably eventually pick one up to try.
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I've been using it for about a week, with a Feather blade and a Kai. I think it is a terrific shaver and great value. Supposedly a clone of the old Merkur Bakelite. It will look like a toy for your 6 year old son when you take it from the box, but it really performs. Smooth and efficient, just be very mindful of the pressure as it is easy to use too much due to its weight.

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I got a chance to hold one the other day thanks to a YouTube reviewer. I couldn't tell you how it shaves, but it feels like a toy in my hand. I'm really not a fan of the weight and overall build quality of the razor. If this was offered in stainless or another heavier material, I'd be more willing to give it a go.

Lisbon, Portugal
If it is something like the German Bakelite slant bar that popped up at ebay in 2012, I may be willing to have one of them. I love that razor.

On the other hand, I already have two of those...! Tongue

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Mine arrived this week. I haven't had a chance to use it yet. I also agree that it feels very light and like a toy. But I'm looking forward to seeing how it shaves. I think it's a great offering at a good price.

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I found mine to be a little more aggressive, but not as harsh as the Merkur 37c. It's pretty good value actually. It's like a toy but it can give you a wow shave with the right blade and technique, and yup nice audible feedback. I like that.


My last assesment was I found it to be a bit too harsh. It's not a good daily for me. I'm not using mine anymore.

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