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Does anyone think or know, I think I heard TSE mention that Fine Platinum after shave had a creed aventus scent.... Chris maybe you can elaborate if that's the case???
If so I would like to get a bottle and think it might pair good with the actual aventus cologne, do you think?
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Quote:Inspired by Creed Aventus, the scent complements a spicy pineapple top note with a smokey oakmoss basenote, to create a fragrance that has quickly become a modern classic.
Ah, cool, I went to the site but missed that part. Thanks

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Yup it smells very close to aventus. It works well with the knockout shave silver which is like aventus also. I quadruple it. Knockout shave silver, then fine platinum as , knockout silver balm, and lastly couple sprays of aventus on my pulse points. So refreshing in the heat.

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I love the smell of Platinum. I'm not normally into the "smoky" smells, but this one is top notch.

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I never new this but, sterling soap executive man is modeled after the aventus! Ordered the soap, balm, and aftershave last night. This aught to be a killer combo with a shot of aventus on the end of the shave!

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I have Aventus and actually have collected most if not all of the clones on the market.  The most Aventus like clone is an EDP from UAE called Afnan Supremacy silver.  Following that, there's Club De Nuit intense (Man).  Afnan is almost a dead ringer.  Club De Nuit isn't exact, but is closer than the rest of the clones.  Then, there's Insurrection Pure 2 and Glenn Perri's unpredictable Adventure, which are not as close, but have a similar scent profile.  That being said, those are the mass market clones.  I also have a fragrance oil by a company called Hayward Enterprises.  Also, a lady on Etsy sells an Aventus clone called Atlantis.  Platinum by fine is a dead ringer for Atlantis and the Hayward oil.  So, Hayward oil, Atlantis, and Fine Platinum are virtually indistinguishable.  I would put them, on the Aventus clone ratings list right behind Afnan, and Club De Nuit intense man.  The thing that sets Afnan apart is its almost exactness of the Aventus Pineapple.  Club De Nuit intense man approximates this as well better than most.  Platinum, Hayward, and Atlantis don't have the same Pineapple that these others do.  They use something of a more citrus nature.  The Pineapple is what sets Aventus apart from other fragrances and makes it unique.  Without the Pineapple, I can't say something smells "like Aventus".  They are close, but they are missing that key element.  Since Fine Platinum is an aftershave though, its totally awesome.  It's close enough to Aventus that if you are also wearing Aventus it compliments it greatly.  Also, it complements Afnan and Club De nuit intense man.  If you like the Aventus scent profile, its the best aftershave to wear along with it.  I just wouldn't call it a very precise clone........given the better clones that exist.  It's an aftershave though, so its the best to use with the real deal, since it doesn't clash with it.  I know.....I kind of like collecting clones of certain fragrances I enjoy.  It's a good way to get variation on something you like.......but the only deserving fragrance that deserves to be called a clone of Aventus, is Afnan Supremacy Silver.  I can barely tell them apart............to my nose Smile

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Thanks for the fantastic write up. I'm going to search for the Afnan

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Creed's die down badly on me. Does the Afnan have a base that gets sweet?
Platinum is a great scent but doesn't resemble Aventus IMO (though it pairs with it nicely). And I'd respectfully disagree with those that find clones similar. That said, if you enjoy it, that's what counts Smile.

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