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Forio d'Ischia, Naples, Italy
News from Fine Accoutrements.

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Greetings from Ischia. Pierpaolo

Chester County, PA
The Fine DE5 Safety Razor, with 5 FEATHER Blades


Men's Shaving was perfected in 1904, but has gone mostly downhill ever since. Experience the greatness of what was with the Fine DE5 Safety Razor.
100% Solid Metal w/ a Stainless Steel Core
Signature "Evolved" Open Comb Guard
Includes Five FEATHER Blades
Gleaming Electroplated Chrome Finish
Length 3.4" (88 mm), Weight 3.4 oz (95.1 g)
Razor Made in China / Blades Made in Japan

Atop the Razor's Edge
Southern California
It doesn’t bother me that it’s Made in China, but the plating is what ended it for me. Too bad as I like the looks of this razor.

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Looks a lot like their former offering known as the "World's Finest Safety Razor" . Had one and liked it except for the weight. I prefer lighter razors and that one was heavy. But it did shave very well and made my face happy

Eugene, Oregon
What is your issue with the plating on this razor?
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What does this mean: 100% Solid Metal w/ a Stainless Steel Core?

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When I looked at the website description they had an image that seemed to highlight the thread post was stainless steel, but not anywhere else:

[Image: PsSzxuk.png]

And then I caught the back of the box from a youtube review (a bit blurry):

[Image: Ba6LWvL.png]

Seems to highlight stainless steel only for the threads and a gleaming chrome finish.

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Quebec, Canada
Anyone tried this razor so far?
Thanks in advance for the incoming comments!
Ce message provient du Québec!  Happy2

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