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I know that I had seen a thread on the new Fine Accoutrements slant but we didn't have pricing. They have added it to the site: $27.50 I'm in.

They also plan to release a soap, based on American Blend in March.. Lather like Tabac, smell like Fine, the soap will be triple milled, tallow based [reportedly same ingredient list and possibly same base as Tabac actually]. $12.50. Also in.

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I'm in. Especially for the slant.

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Those are both great prices, especially for a soap that lathers like tabac!

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I'm in for both! Fine AB is hands down one of my favorite aftershaves as of yet. I love the smell of that stuff. I could splash some on right now just for the hell of it.

Didn't razorock make a Fine AB soap? I know the IB L'Americano is supposed to be that scent, but I thought I remembered seeing a Fine branded version before that.
- Jeff
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After spending $350 in the last month my wife will freaking kill me if I buy anything else for a little while (we haven't defined what that is yet lol). Let me know how it shaves guys. Smile

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I'm on the notification list for the slant razor and the soap. I will probably have to pick up the Fine American Blend AS as well. I just acquired the Fine Fresh Vetiver AS this week(my 1st Fine AS.) I love the performance and scent of the Fresh Vetiver! It's hard to believe the AS splash only has 4 ingredients. I'm impressed!

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I'm really curious about the slant, but the weight, or rather the LACK of weight, has me concerned. The price is right, if it perform,s, so I will be following this thread and the ones that are sure to follow to see if it is a worthwhile shaver...
-Chris~Head Shaver~

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I will most definitely be picking one up for testing. Worst case is it becomes a travel razor.
I'll likely be picking up the soap in lieu of Tabac. The slant would be appealing to me, but the ATT slant system is my holy grail and I'm not expecting it to top the ATT.

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As someone who disdains the ridiculous prices the RR Stealth has been fetching on eBay, I am very happy to hear this.

Go go Fine!

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