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Fern Concerto with synthetic menthol is back in our line up. The cooling effect of menthol without the scent of menthol. Perfect for summer.

Samples of tallow and donkey milk shave cream will be shipped along with the orders for Agrumi in Estate.

Check our Up Next page for a new product - NSR product.

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Had an Outstanding Shave today with WK “Fern Concerto”! To my nose the scent was a pleasant, clean, light citrus scent (I don’t have a very good nose). The performance was outstanding as usual, and the synthetic menthol was a great touch with no watering eyes, and perfect for the triple digit weather we’ve been dealing with. It wasn’t a face freeze, just a nice cooling sensation during the Shave. I used the matching Aftershave Splash afterwards, and I felt cool and refreshed. I’ll be using this one regularly in the heat! Thank You whollykaw, you’ve got a winner!

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Great review Hunter. I tried a sample that someone from another board generously sent me. The shave was fantastic. Unlike a lot of other MENTHOL soaps that are overwhelming or lack performance this is a perfect blend. I am about to have a deployment to a 100+ area overseas and am about to order 3 tubs of this. Living in North Texas also, I hope this soap never goes away as it’s a keeper.

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This fern concerto set was delivered today and shaved with it this evening. The scent is great and the menthol is pleasant without the watering eyes Smile

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(07-24-2018, 02:34 PM)whollykaw Wrote: Check our Up Next page for a new product - NSR product.

What could that be? Smile

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