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Good morning, DFS! I've been going back and forth on this for a few weeks and haven't made a final decision so I need your help with the following question:

Should a titanium razor have a titanium stand or a stainless one?

Generally, we want our razors and stands to match and be made of the same material. However, the point of a stand is to hold the razor in place and prevent it from getting knocked over and the weight of stainless makes it much better for this task than Ti. So we either get a matching stand and razor or we get a more effective stand that does its job better and doesn't quite match.

Since I'm here to make an actual decision I ask that you respond only if you have experience with Ti (or maaaybe aluminum if your thoughts are very relevant). Your opinion also matters a lot more if you're in the market for a Ti Blackbird so let that be known if that's the case. Please keep responses related to the question above and note that it is binary. I'm leaning one way and I'll be curious to see if that is validated or not.

Thank you!
My Ti stands don’t meet the necessary weight needed for a stable stand. Especially if it has a small footprint.
I’m patiently waiting for a Ti blackbird with a 101 handle.

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Function and fitness for purpose trumps aesthetics in my view given the purpose of a stand is to hold the razor upright--I would think a steel stand would be better. I have a Paradigm Ti II razor and use a steel stand for it.

Max Sprecher
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No comparison. Steel stand.

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"Simple: not to be confused with easy."

It's sharp and it cuts. I like it...
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Don't have to worry about galvanic corrosion with the two as they won't be introduced to a saline environment. Stainless Steel for sure and passivated...

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I'll be odd man out. My Ti razors have matching Ti stands. They are used for display more than anything. If a razor is in the bathroom, it's laying on the counter where it can't get knocked over. I see the point of weight but I'd prefer matching material...or I'd order sans stand.

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1st choice = stable and matching metal and matching finish
2nd choice = stable and matching finish

Basically, functionality or appearance is the question.

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Wolfman and Timeless offer Ti stands for Ti razors. I'd opt for the Ti as well.

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I would prefer a titanium stand due to aesthetics and corrosion resistance. I think an option of aluminum, stainless, or titanium would be best.

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Weight of the Ti razor would be more or less in the right ratio to the stand. Matching stand in the matching finish would be my first choice.

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