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Anyone know anything about this razor?  All plastic design, presumably WWII issue 1941-1945?  Picked one of these up at an antique store the other day for 5 bucks.  Don't know if it would ever be a great shaver as it is VERY LIGHT... but, for historical and nostalgic value, it was well worth 5 dollars.  They must have made everything better in the 40's including plastic, this thing is in remarkable shape.  Any information would be much appreciated.

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While I am not familiar with the razor, it is most likely bakelite. That would explain its shape so many years later.

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Waits carries an entry for the Federal Razor Blade Company. First use, 1933. Gillette-type head fitted to a fluted light plastic handle. I guess yours is a variant with an all plastic head. Got a picture? What kind of comb/bar is it?

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