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This is Valentine's Day month.  Surely, you deserve something special so you can look sharp for that someone special. Smile

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H&S 17-4 P076 SB
[Image: xKJd54v.jpg][Image: J26UtLF.jpg]

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Very nice David! That is one fine $ looking razor. Congrats!
Rocnel Sailor! 

[Image: FOVa8c3.jpg][Image: EPh4Gfe.jpg]

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Incoming: A new Triad Titanium handle that Toby named the “Aristocrat 420” because it has 4 large spirals & 20 smaller spirals. Polished Finish; 14mm by87mm; 40 grams, with standard M5 x .8 threads.

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Sean, Upstate N.Y.

Very nice razor!

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(02-02-2021, 10:51 PM)Peterock24 Wrote: Very nice David! That is one fine $ looking razor. Congrats!
Thank you. After using it for several shaves, I can say that it shaves even better than it looks.

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The last of my Light Brigades that were floating around out there in USPS land...still have 125 vintage Wilkinson London Bridge inbound!  Here is the high end part of the family now!  The old London Bridge are every bit as sharp, smooth, and long lasting as these.  The “New” blade is still undergoing testing...but after 11 shaves...I think it’s the same...the final longevity will tell the tale!


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Triad landing!  Toby’s titanium masterpiece arrived today.  What a beauty.  I did not think titanium could be polished to such a mirror finish.  With it’s light weight and excellent grip, it matches wonderfully with my H&S mixed-metal N075 DE razor head.  I’m looking forward to the shaves with this one.

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Sean, Upstate N.Y.

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