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Any special Valentine's shaving goodies? Winking

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I've picked up a few new razors: Wolfman WR1-SB Antique Bronze/Darwin, Wolfman WR2-DC/WRH7 Titanium, Gillette New on a Bob's Razor Works Bull Mastiff handle, Blackland Blackbird Machined, Asylum Evolution Black Oxide, and Asylum Evolution Machined. I probably will not keep all of them.
[Image: iAV2Y23.jpg]

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New brush from APShaveCo and it's fantastic. This is the 24mm SynBad with elegant emerald handle.

[Image: db0xkpg.jpg]

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Chatillon Lux aftershaves
[Image: BfOu5pQ.jpg]

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Just received my purple "glass" brush. There's crushed glass in the resin which give it a pretty cool "cracked" effect. pictures really don't do it justice. You miss the depth and nuances the glass creates. Don't mind the dirty hands just got home from work and couldn't wait to open it.[Image: O1lmmw4.jpg][Image: KwLFZyO.jpg][Image: 6UxxQ5l.jpg][Image: WRhPPaQ.jpg][Image: 2Qo5ujX.jpg][Image: 1cVn8Np.jpg][Image: tF07MMk.jpg][Image: qn0Lk6C.jpg]

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Look what I found at the PO Box today.

Grooming Dept.

[Image: SKTlcy4.jpg]

Murphy & McNeil

[Image: 1jpCitj.jpg]

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- Steve

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A small bottle of vintage Floris Cefero cologne. It has a fresh citrus beginning and then ends with sandalwood and musk notes.
[Image: W1ScSNy.jpg]

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[Image: 2ee26b6447ab6c7fc753eeb62fbb4f5f.jpg]

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Nothing like some retail therapy.

[Image: Fenchurch-Soap-394x.jpg]

[Image: fenchurch-aftershve-splash-394x.jpg]

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Today took away from post office.
Simpson Tulip 3 Limited Edition Manchurian Badger.
Elastic and moderately rigid pile and very dense stuffing!

[Image: EGmV45c.jpg]

[Image: naw8IUG.jpg]

[Image: abRQ81S.jpg]

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Suum cuique

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