I used to wonder whether there was any significant difference. Lately, I've been using the Kai ProTouch when I don't use a Schick, and loving the shaves with the Kai and the Schick (the Schick has no guard but is by far the best of the Artist Club style blades IMHO). 

Today I used the Feather ProGuard. I was in a bit of a hurry. The shave was rougher, by far, than with the Kai, and the guard offers significantly less protection than the Kai. I looked at the blades side by side. The Feather has the uprights spaced fairly far apart. The Kai's uprights are like the teeth of a comb. The Kai offers me a much smoother shave and it's nearly impossible to nick myself. 

I just ordered two more packs of ProTouch from Bullgoose. 

As always, your face and technique might give you a totally different experience. The blade on the left is a new Feather. On the right, a Kai that's on its 15th or 16th shave and still fine. [Image: YbDZDBs.jpg]

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