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Austin, TX
I probably use Feathers more than any other and like the results but do rotate others in just to shake things up.

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I didnt like my first feather use in my ball tech. Swore off of them for a yr or so. Tried one in my FT Super Speed. I find it a wonderful blade now. I use feathers in all my super mild razors like the FT SS and Rocket. Kinda tuggy on the first pass, (no more than any other) but silky smooth after that. It just levels everything without any effort or pull.
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Thousand Oaks, CA
I've found that I get more comfortable shaves from less expensive blades, ergo I tend to pass when it comes to Feather.

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(10-27-2015, 10:15 PM)TheHandleBar Wrote: I've found that I get more comfortable shaves from less expensive blades, ergo I tend to pass when it comes to Feather.

Totally agree. They are nice and sharp, but not very smooth for me. They feel very "blade-y" if that makes any sense.
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Wilmo DE
I like Feathers well enough, they were all I used for about 2 years.
Somewhere I saw on the net that Feathers were a good deal thinner than most blades and that would account for both them cutting better and having a shorter lifespan.

With all the other choices I do think they are a bit overpriced but they do fill a certain niche in the market.
That the Feather (DE) blade is particularly sharp, actually helps me in the metric of smoothness; other (less sharp) blades, just don't cut it (pun intended), for my thick facial hair. YMMV.
(The only blade I found as comfortable is the discontinued Gillette Swede.<sigh>)
I'm still testing and trying blades. I've been through most and kept a few of each of my favorites. Today was my sixth shave with my "New Year" blade and it was another nearly perfect BBS shave with this Feather. I know the ymmv moniker rings true for blades probably more so than most other aspects of shaving and I'm thankful that the Feathers go from really good to great after the first shave and stay that way for at least five shaves. Someone gave me 100 for xmas so I'll continue to use them as my primary blade for the next year.
Kai is Feather sharpness but much smoother for me. I like Feather too just wish they lasted longer. However, of all the blade I've tried Kai is my favorite.

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Omaha, NE
(07-23-2015, 05:56 PM)gwsmallwood Wrote: I'm a one-and-done head shaver.  I find the Feathers very similar to the Astra SPs and the Gillette 7 O'Clock Blacks.  I like them, but not enough to spend twice as much on them when the Astras seem to work just as well for me.

I agree completely. I can get a really good shave with my Rapiras and Voskhods at a fraction of the cost.
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Certainly a couple of months ago I would have agreed that the feather price point was high, but when you could pick up 100 blades for $19 shipped through real vendors on eBay and IB selling 100 for $23.00 not too sure they are priced out of range for most anymore. That being said, my go to razors are feathers since I can get a BBS inside the 3 shave window every time. Shave number four feels like an Astra shave so I pitch them Wink

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