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I have always despised these blades, until, today when I tried one in one of my Blackbirds, for the first time.
It was a great shave, surprisingly. I guess I need to publicly apologize for my comments on these blades. Blush

Where is the best (most economical) place to get these?

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Amazon. Get some KAI as well.

BlackBird shines with the super sharp blades in my experience.

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Celestino, I have always loved these blades. They have been my number 2 blades, after KAI.

You may try Connaught or G&C.

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Thank you, gentlemen, for your responses.
It seems like ItalianBarber is the cheapest place to get them, in Canada since Amazon and Connaught are a bit more expensive, and I believe the latter only ships Feather products within the UK.

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To me, Feather is a one-of-a-kind blade, and I much appreciate and enjoy them.

Lately, I’ve had the pleasure of trying out a Wolfman Razors Guerrilla (stainless steel open comb), and the Feather blade really brought it to life after another blade wasn’t quite cutting it. (Pun intended.) Also, I get many more shaves from a Feather than what most people report. To me, they are not the 2–3 shave blade so many people say that they are.

I most recently bought Feathers when they were on sale at Italian Barber, but even the regular price there is good.

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Feathers are my number 2 blade after Gillette Platinum---In fact they are the only two blades I have

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I got a feather out few shaves ago and was really happy with it. I'd say I have tougher whiskers be cut through then some and it seemed like it did a pretty good job so now I want to use more feather blades. I'm on a gig of using the same soap a razor and brush for August and trying different blades this month in August just work out.It's back to the old keep everything the same and just switch one thing.

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About a week ago, I revisited Feather Blades and it’s now my favourite blade. I found them more efficient and being more comfortable because of that.

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I like Feather Artist Club blades, including the Pro, the Proguard, and the Super. Though I swore off using anything but the Feather ProGuard or the Kai equivalent in my Artist Club razors, I got some great shaves from the regular Pro recently. 

The DE blades have never agreed with me. Even in the AS-D2 I find them harsh. I love the KAI DE blades, though. 

Anyway, my experience with them doesn't matter much. They are consistently rated among the best DE blades out there. If you love them, use them.

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celestino , If you haven't tried them, and haven't placed your order with Italian Barber, you might try some of the Gillette 7 o'clock Black Super Platinums.  According to that site that measures sharpness, they are as sharp or sharper than Feathers.  I've never had good luck with Feathers, but love the Ninja's.

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