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I have always despised these blades, until, today when I tried one in one of my Blackbirds, for the first time.
It was a great shave, surprisingly. I guess I need to publicly apologize for my comments on these blades. Blush

Where is the best (most economical) place to get these?

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San Jose, California
Amazon. Get some KAI as well.

BlackBird shines with the super sharp blades in my experience.
Celestino, I have always loved these blades. They have been my number 2 blades, after KAI.

You may try Connaught or G&C.

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Thank you, gentlemen, for your responses.
It seems like ItalianBarber is the cheapest place to get them, in Canada since Amazon and Connaught are a bit more expensive, and I believe the latter only ships Feather products within the UK.

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To me, Feather is a one-of-a-kind blade, and I much appreciate and enjoy them.

Lately, I’ve had the pleasure of trying out a Wolfman Razors Guerrilla (stainless steel open comb), and the Feather blade really brought it to life after another blade wasn’t quite cutting it. (Pun intended.) Also, I get many more shaves from a Feather than what most people report. To me, they are not the 2–3 shave blade so many people say that they are.

I most recently bought Feathers when they were on sale at Italian Barber, but even the regular price there is good.

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Feathers are my number 2 blade after Gillette Platinum---In fact they are the only two blades I have

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