Wanting to trade my less than month old Feather AS-D2 for a SS RazorRock Slant. I still have the box and even some Feather blades that I can throw in. If interested please let me know.

Chicago, IL
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PM sent.

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Tampa Florida
Just curious,what didn't you like about the ASD2??Frank
I love the AS-D2 honestly. Just wanted to try a mild slant. I like mild razors but the RazorRock slant I can't get as easily as the AS-D2. So only reason why I am trading it is because I can get it back much easier then the RR Slant at the moment.
Wow. Deal of the century. Those RR slants go for quite a bit more on the gray market.... Older versions in steel even more.

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Also potentially interest in an ATT S1.

Tampa Florida
Thank you for the comment.

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