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The Feather Artist Club is certainly not a safety razor, but straight razor mavens tend to look down on it and consider it a shavette, a poor country cousin to the straight. So it doesn't quite fit in either category. But it has become my favorite razor. Am curious if anyone else here loves it.

I had not intended to buy one. I was happily shaving with my DEs, mostly my Merkur 34c and my ATT with the M1 plate. But I always had it in my mind, for some reason, that the straight razor was THE ultimate tool if you wanted the closest, smoothest shave possible. So I ordered a straight, an inexpensive model but with a good hone on it. I was terrified for the first few shaves. Then I noticed that it wasn't all that sharp--it would not cut the hair on my forearm, a test I read about. While trying to figure out whether to get it rehoned, or buy a new one, I splurged and bought a Feather AC SS. I figured it would be easy to use since I'd been learning on a straight.

The first shave left my face and my sink looking like a crime scene. I was so discouraged I'm surprised I picked it up again, but I did. Now, a month and change later, I love it. I still get a few tiny weepers if I apply too much pressure in search of the BBS, but it's comfortable and fun. I use the Feather Pros or the Pro Guard, and sometimes the Kai Captain Milds, which I find far less smooth than the Feathers. 

I got the straight rehoned, and it passed the forearm hair test but it won't give me anywhere near as close a shave as the Feather. And even with its blade rehoned and sharp, some of the hairs on my upper lip when I do a two-handed fool's pass just rise up under the blade, let it pass over them, then spring back, uncut. The Feather mows 'em down. I truly love this tool. 

Anyone else like it? Hate it? Am still hankering to try a different straight but have to wait until the budget allows it and my wife will be out of town when the mail gets here.

I have the SS Non-Folding version and love it! Its my favorite razor by far. I can get BBS shaves from it almost every time I use it. I do agree with you that it doesn't really get the respect it deserves. I would say that its on its own level separate from normal Shavettes but traditionalist wont claim it as a Straight Razor either.  So not sure what it falls under, just SE razor category? I guess its still a Shavette at heart but maybe these can be coined as the Shavette of the Gods haha. Nevertheless it's a great razor and should get more love IMO.
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