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Tcheon Fung Sing makes a lot of soaps for different companies and for sale under it's own name.
Some of the other companies are:
Abbate y La Mantia
Barbiere di Figaro
...can't think of more, but I believe there are additional ones too.

Which is your favorite line or specific soap?

I've never been clear...do they do all of the RazoRock/Italian Barber soaps?

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IMO, yes...now especially.
(In the past for a short while there was a thought that someone else was also making RR soaps at the same time.)

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(09-14-2018, 11:57 PM)jimofthecorn Wrote: I've never been clear...do they do all of the RazoRock/Italian Barber soaps?
I didn't think TFS made SMDF, The Dead Sea, or the WTP line. But definitely all of the black tub soap.

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To my understanding, there has been lots of Razorock labeled products made by Tcheon Fung Sin. I am certain that there has been other Italian soap makers who actually produced Razorock labeled products. The first batch of XXX was made by the original producer of the "Colonia".

My favorite TFS made products to name a few based on best perfuming qualities would be...

Bergamotto Neroli - Orange Creamsicle. Very juicy and yummy smelling. Lots of bold citrus and a bit of sweet cream. Very well rounded and simple.
Zagara e Gelsomino - Orange Blossom and Jasmine. Probably was a big influence on my nose. I found this soap many years ago and loved many citrus floral scents.
Mandarino e Spezie - Mandarine and Spice. A very deep citrus with notes of cinnamon and spice. My all time favorite smelling soap but it did react with my face a little.
Tabacco Verde - Green Tobacco. Not so much about the "tobacco" effect as in smoke but raw, green tobacco leaf (unburned) and a soft, underlying musk side.

TFS makes consistent and great lathering products. I no longer use soaps like these as I enjoyed the smells much more than the in-shave protection and post shave qualities. The needs for my skin don't work quite as well with the formulas produced in Turin.

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It's funny how time changes everything.
I used to find their soaps the bottom of the barrel worst.
Now they're among my favorite.
You don't need 35 ingredients to make a perfect shave soap.

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I recently received and tried a sample of Abbate y La Mantia’s Don José. I enjoyed that soap a lot. Even though I’m not a fan of menthol, the performance and scent of this soap impressed me.

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